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Printing Online vs. Printing Local
With the ability to express ourselves through blog we also hope that you will read and make comment on various topics of discussion. The first topic of discussion is: Printing Online vs. Printing Local.

As we all know the advent of online store fronts means that printers small or large and brokers have the ability to tap into larger markets of print buyers while the consumer can shop for competitive pricing that meet a tight budgets.

Online printing in most cases means the printer is out of state or out of the country...meaning the printer in your community that is just as skilled, capable and willing misses out on the opportunity to gain or retain your business, and eventually your colleague's business until the local printer has to shut his doors and there are no longer any local printers. If or when enough printers shut their doors the community loses a business, a trade, an employer, a contributor to the community, a tax payer and more... Online printing is not convenient with 5-7 business days after approval of digital proof, and let's not forget that online printers require full payment up front!

As we launch our first site I don't want to discourage anyone from shopping nor doing business online but, rather promote local businesses of all kind!

Thank you for reading, please share your thoughts on the topic!

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    October 2013